ThreaditJS is an example application for SPA libraries/frameworks.

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This page collects implementations of a thread-based discussion application all interacting with the same API. The intent is to provide side-by-side comparisons for tasks every ES2015 client application will necessarily complete. It should be considered a friendly competitor to TodoMVC.

The main application shows a list of threads similar to a well known Internet discussion forum. The user can create a new thread, display a thread's comments, and respond to a specific comment.

Current Mobile Performance Comparison

See here for some preliminary results.

Implementation list

Currently, I have:

I have also accepted pull requests for:


See the Github page!


Full post here.

Much respect is intended for TodoMVC. But even TodoMVC talks about MV* instead of MVC, and a theoretical design pattern label isn't a good descriptor for the problems we're trying to solve with modern web applications.

Implementing ThreaditJS with a framework involves:

The goal is to have an application with roughly similar simplicity while providing an example that lets you see how a framework will help you do the things you'll actually be doing.

(And yes, I know that some TodoMVC implementations toy with having a router or a more complex backend, but it isn't a basic component of the project.)


All implementations will use the same API, located at Arguably someone could even come up with a native mobile consumer implementation. See the Github page for more on the API.

More to come! Follow me at @koglerjs or follow @ThreaditJS to find out when implementations are added or other updates occur!